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Lynnhaven Academy Moves to Former Richmond Waldorf School

Lynnhaven Academy announced that the school is moving to the former Richmond Waldorf School location at 1000 Westover Hills Boulevard in Richmond, Virginia. Lynnhaven Academy (Lynnhaven) will lease space from Westover Baptist Church.

Lynnhaven is currently located on North Sheppard Street in Richmond in the former Benedictine High School. Enrollment has consistently increased since its founding in 2012. Relocation to Westover Hills will allow for increased student enrollment, additional hands-on programs and classes, school events, and space for administrative functions.

The mission of Lynnhaven Academy is to provide an independent and creative learning environment built on principles of excellence and compassion. Within an inclusive and globally aware learning community, we foster self-reliance, integrity, social responsibility, and humor, inspiring our students to discover within themselves the courage to achieve their personal best.

“I’m very excited for this move to a larger space. Lynnhaven’s growth is a testament to the hard work and vision of the board of directors, parents, and support from the community” said Johnathan Harris, headmaster of Lynnhaven Academy.

Lynnhaven Academy is a private day school located in Richmond, Virginia for students in grades 5-12. The goal is for them to excel in a hands-on learning environment. This approach drives authentic understanding and application of knowledge. Students at Lynnhaven foster independence and curiosity. The academic program is student centered and goal oriented.

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