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Maymont Science Options Are Many for Homeschooling Families

Make Maymont your homeschool classroom this spring. Maymont educators offer a variety of historical and environmental programs to incorporate into your planning for the school year. Homeschoolers can explore the fascinating realm of the Gilded Age or discover the wonders of the natural world in exciting, hands-on adventures.

Upcoming programs include:

One House, Two Worlds
Wednesday, February 22, 11am-12pm, Maymont Mansion
Maymont’s unique history provides a rich resource that awakens students to ideas and events of the past and a connection to how the past affects their lives today. Students examine a complex and often neglected period of history as they explore the perspectives of employer and employee, server and served, represented within Maymont Mansion. Ages 8 and older. $6 per person. Register online by February 21.

Life Cycles
Wednesday, March 1, 10-10:45am, Nature Center
How does a tadpole turn into a frog? What kinds of animals hatch from eggs? Students learn how animals grow up as they investigate the changes animals go through in their life cycles. Ages 6-10. $9 per child (includes Nature Center admission). Register online by February 28.

Food Chains
Wednesday, March 8, 10-10:45am, Nature Center
What do bears, bison and bobcats eat for lunch? Find out what the animals at Maymont eat while learning about food chains. Students will explore the diets of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores; compare the teeth and skulls of animals; and investigate producers, consumers and decomposers. Ages 6-10. Register online by March 7.

Creatures of the Night
Wednesday, March 8, 11-11:45am, Nature Center
Who stays awake while you sleep? Meet some of Maymont’s nighttime residents and learn about their nocturnal adaptations through hands-on activities. Ages 6-10. Register online by March 7.

Habitats of Virginia
Wednesday, March 15, 10:00-10:45am, Nature Center
Discover several of Virginia’s diverse ecosystems and the animals and plants that call them home. Students learn what impact nature and humans have on these natural resources. Ages 6-10. Register online by March 14.

Wetland Exploration
Wednesday, March 15, 11am-12pm, Nature Center and Maymont Grounds
Dive in and learn about small creatures that live in the stream that runs through Maymont’s grounds and exhibits. Through field investigations, students will gain a greater understanding of one of our most precious resources, wetlands. This program occurs outside, weather permitting; dress appropriately for the weather. Ages 10 and older. Register online by March 14.

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