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New Podcast Helps People Living with Eating Disorders

Newly Launched Pod, Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery, Provides a Platform for Engagement and Connection for Every Person

A licensed social worker and an award-winning Richmond-based writer have launched a new podcast to provide reliable information and support to individuals and families impacted by eating disorders. The podcast, Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery, provides a venue to deepen understanding of an issue that impacts 30 million Americans.

“Our podcast helps break the stigma surrounding eating disorders and provides a platform for engagement and connection,” says co-host Catherine Brown, co-editor of Hope for Recovery: Stories of Healing from Eating Disorders. “We need to be having tough conversations about how to liberate ourselves from pervasive messages regarding body size and fundamentally change the way we talk about health with ourselves, our friends, and our family.”

Eating disorders are complex diseases having wide-ranging impacts on individuals, families, communities, and the healthcare system among all people, regardless of gender identity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, race, age, or ethnicity. Eating disorders disproportionately impact marginalized populations, and, every hour, someone dies as a direct result of the disease.

“Our vision, through a social justice lens, is to add to the many voices in the eating disorder spectrum that are helping to reshape the narrative around eating disorders and recovery,” says co-host Francis Iacobucci.

The new podcast – found wherever podcasts are available – features discussions with guests representing all identities who struggle with or treat those with eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, disordered-eating, and body image challenges.

In the first 15 episodes, Brown and Iacobucci have interviewed several noteworthy Richmond residents, including performer Eva DeVirgilis; founder of Stay Strong Virginia, Beth Ayn Stansfield; VCU Psychology Professor Suzanne Mazzeo; founder and CEO of Shop Evolve, Emma Manis; and speaker and consultant Christina Tinker.

Brown and Iacobucci also produce a monthly newsletter that provides resources about eating disorders and body image challenges, personal stories from their own experiences, and opportunities to support ongoing efforts to help those struggling. To subscribe, visit

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