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Night Light Detects Motion, No Outlet Required

723hallbystairsHRMultiuse LED Stick Anywhere Night Lights improve safety in dark rooms, halls, on stairs
Whether a power outage strikes or the sun dips below the horizon for the day and your family is fast asleep, there are times when using overhead lights or task lamps is not an option. Mr. Beams Stick Anywhere Night Lights are the most versatile LED lighting solution available for use in areas where an outlet is not accessible. Featuring built-in motion and light sensors, Mr. Beams Stick Anywhere Night Lights can be used to light stairways, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms and other areas of the home that need to be safely navigated in low lighting situations.

Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries, the Mr. Beams Stick Anywhere Night Light provides 10 square feet of lighting coverage and can be installed in less than five minutes, no electrician required. The Stick Anywhere Night Light instantly turns on when it detects motion from up to 15 feet away. The energy efficient LEDs in the Stick Anywhere Night Light will never burn out, and one set of batteries can provide up to 80 hours of light. After 30 seconds of no motion, the light will automatically shut off to conserve battery power.

In addition to lighting hallways, stairs and rooms, the Stick Anywhere Night Light can also function as an ideal lighting solution for under cabinets in the kitchen or garage. Tight seals and UV resistant material allow the Mr. Beams™ Stick Anywhere Night Light to work in all weather conditions so these lights can also be used in outdoor applications on decks or stair railings.

The Stick Anywhere Night Light can be installed using the included mounting bracket and two small screws or double sided tape. Available in neutral white, the nightlight is 3.75 inches by 3.25 inches and has a 1.2-inch profile. Available in 3-packs and 6-packs, the Stick Anywhere Night Light pricing is $39.99 or $54.99 respectively.

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About Wireless Environment, LLC
Wireless Environment, LLC, makers of the Mr. Beams brand, is a successful, fast growing company based in Solon, Ohio. Since Michael Recker and David Levine founded the company in 2006, Wireless Environment has expanded to a staff of 8 employees. Wireless Environment is the design leader in the wireless LED lighting space. The company mission is to design lights that operate fully off-grid or shift between wired and wireless. Sixteen wireless lights have been launched to date and the company will soon launch hybrid light fixtures that – like laptops – are on the grid when needed and off the grid when convenient. For more information visit

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