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Parents of Boys Have a Choice for Circumcision

A leading practitioner and perennially voted “Top Doc” in the field of pediatric urology in the Richmond area, Boyd Winslow, MD, has launched Winslow Newborn Circumcisions in Richmond.

Dr. Winslow, who has spent over thirty years working in this highly specialized field, says a very large portion of his Richmond practice was devoted to corrective surgery for newborn boys who were circumcised poorly.

Why so many revision surgeries?

According to Dr. Winslow, problems can arise when the process is rushed. “Circumcision is never a requirement, but it remains an option that parents of newborn boys are asked to consider—sometimes urgently,” he says.

These surgeries, which are typically performed by the woman‘s OB/GYN and often done within the first days of life, may interrupt the parent/child bonding process and initiation of breastfeeding. Waiting a few weeks, he says, benefits both mother and her infant boy.

As an alternative approach, Dr. Winslow developed refinements in technique and setting to perform newborn circumcisions with compassion and expertise, all to improve the likelihood of long-term success.

Over time, the need for dedicated newborn circumcision resources in the Richmond and Central Virginia community became very clear. Dr. Winslow retired from the full-time practice of pediatric urology in 2016 and then began the formation of a new venture, Winslow Newborn Circumcisions, PLLC, in 2017.

He now has just one goal in mind.

“I want to provide an opportunity for discussion of this option with attention to pertinent health, cultural, and religious factors,” he says, noting that this kind of resource is needed given the changing views on circumcision.

He strongly emphasizes his “no-pressure” approach.

“I always start with a consultation to answer your questions and help you make your choice. Only if you elect it will I perform the circumcision. If you prefer not to have the surgery done, I can provide guidance to care for your uncircumcised son.”

His current practice makes use of his extensive experience and skill to provide what he feels is a valuable service to parents—helping them make informed decisions about circumcision for their newly-born sons.

For more information, visit or call 804-220-1679.


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