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Prepare Now For Arthur

Prepare Now for Arthur

Residents and holiday visitors should get ready for possible heavy rain and coastal flooding

People in Virginia need to prepare now for Tropical Storm Arthur, which currently is predicted to affect parts of Virginia Friday, July 4.

“At this point, Arthur’s projected path looks as if it will bring impacts to Virginia,” said Jeff Stern, state coordinator for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. “Everyone needs to pay attention and take necessary precautions, regardless of the July 4 holiday. Virginia state agencies are getting ready for the storm, and so should our residents and visitors.”

It is important for people, especially those living and visiting in the Hampton Roads region, to pay close attention to the tropical storm, find out if they are at risk for storm surge, and review their evacuation, shelter and pet plans. Listen to local media and local officials for instructions.

A series of videos is available online to explain storm surge and its danger and how to prepare for a hurricane. The videos are available at A list of needed emergency supplies and maps of storm surge areas and evacuation routes can be found at or on the free Ready Virginia app for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

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