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Diggity Dudes New CD: Presidential Physical Fitness Test

If you were one of the thousands who came out to DiggityFEST in mid-September, you were lucky enough to hear a few tracks off of The Diggity Dudes highly-anticipated second CD, Presidential Physical Fitness Test.  This follow-up to My Science Project, their debut CD that gave us such catchy tunes as Dirty Teeth and Don’t Bite Your Buddy, doesn’t disappoint, and soon you too will be humming along to a whole new batch of Diggity songs.

The Diggity Dudes’ music is perfect for all ages, but the themes of the songs on the new CD are really geared for the five and up crowd. When you just can’t stand one more rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, but you don’t want to introduce Top 40 into the household just yet, pop in a Dudes CD. This is a band that kids and parents alike thoroughly enjoy, and I must admit, I have been known to listen to the songs when my kids aren’t even around! If you like Toad the Wet Sprocket or the Gin Blossoms, these guys are for you. The songs are primarily rock, with a little light rap attempt tossed in for good measure with the title track. And just like a good Toad CD, you’ll get a little country feel on a few tracks, like Skunk, which reminds me of The Mississippi Squirrel Revival by Ray Stevens (do let me know if you’ve heard of it!).  Ice Cream was a favorite song for my six year-old, taking the first verse in before saying, “Oh, that’s funny! The guy is saying he’ll trade anything on his lunch tray except his ice cream!”

And yes, the kids (and grown-ups) can learn a thing or two from the CD. Grover Cleveland is a track that reminds us about some of the forgotten presidents and even manages to run down the full list of presidents, as if to challenge us all to learn it to sing along with them. (Challenge accepted, Dudes!)

Visit to purchase a copy of the CD and for a schedule of upcoming performances.

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