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Richmond Symphony 2015-2016 Season

Music Director Steven Smith and Executive Director David Fisk announces the 2015-16 season of the Richmond Symphony (RSO). The season features new series, a change of location, world-renowned guest artists and concerts designed to appeal to diverse audiences throughout the Richmond region. The season will again be led by the artistic team of Steven Smith, Lewis T. Booker Music Director Chair, Keitaro Harada, Associate Conductor and Dr. Erin R. Freeman, Director of the Richmond Symphony Chorus and James Erb Choral Chair.

“Music expresses emotion in sound. Perhaps that helps explain why music plays such a strong role in our lives. In fact, memories of events are often attached to musical memories. Any time we hear that music, its effect is more powerful, because the music is so entwined with that memory. We feel it. In a wonderful way, then, when we hear music for the first time, it can inspire new emotional connections to our personal experiences.

A beautiful mystery of live performance is how music affects all of us differently. The drama, beauty, and shared experience of a live performance have no equal. Live music conveys emotions ranging from joy to sorrow; from love to anger; from calm to surprise; giving all of us an opportunity to enjoy moments that are both personal and unique. There is simply nothing else like it!”

– Music Director Steven Smith.

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