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Six Quick Projects for Home Energy Savings

Because I can’t resist, here are six substantial projects to put on your list. These should show significant energy reduction in your home home over the course of a year. Read Green Savings Guide for Families in RFM this month.

  1. Low-flow, not low-pressure. Install low-flow faucets on sinks and showers, plus install dual-flush commodes when replacing.
  2. Caulk is your best friend. Find and fill air gaps around windows, doors, and other wall penetrations, like vents, cable lines, and spigots.
  3. Insulate your older home. Add insulation as needed in attic and crawl space. If your attic joists are showing, you can probably use more insulation.
  4. Your chimney is a big hole in the house. When not in use, stuff a black plastic bag full of insulation into the chimney opening to cut down on drafts.
  5. Storm doors are for more than storms. Consider adding storm doors to your exterior entry doors. All year long, they are helping reduce your energy needs.
  6. Adopt a lifestyle for your family that prioritizes energy savings. Live by example, and share with your friends and kids why you do what you do.

Tim Dunkum is an EarthCraft certified Realtor with Rashkind Saunders & Co. He has the National Association of Realtors’ GREEN designation and a background in residential construction. Tim and Sarah are raising their family to respect the earth and live with less impact.

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