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Solutions for Overcoming the Jingle Blues

Christmas has now come and gone and left a pile of recycling, trash, unwrapped presents that need to be sorted and put away, dishes, and a wilting tree that will have to make it to the curb in the next day or two. As vacation time comes to an end and loved ones and amazing holiday sales are long gone, some are left with an after-holiday depression that might have something to do with shopping, overspending, and/or gifts.

“It’s common to feel a letdown after the holidays when the festivities are over and it’s time to get back to day-to-day life,” says consumer savings expert, Regina Novickis. “Credit card statements start rolling in around this time and the reality of a depleted bank account can take its toll.”

Here are ways to save on some of the top jingle blues scenarios:

Jingle Blues #1: Wrong Gift Card – Sell it for cash.

Many give gift cards when uncertain of what to buy for someone. While this can be a great gift, many have received a gift card in the past that will never get used. The gift card ends up in a wallet for years while the value dwindles and goes to waste. For those who received a gift card this year that won’t be used, trade it in on various sites where users can sell the unwanted gift card for cash!

Jingle Blues #2: The Unwanted Gift – Guiltless returns or organize a gift swap.

Every year many people receive at least one gift that they don’t love. Whether it’s the wrong fit, wrong color or just wrong all together, it’s common to feel guilt about returning an item. If the item isn’t right though and it will go to waste, return it and purchase something that will actually be used. If the gift giver didn’t include a gift receipt, most stores will still accept the gift as a return but will give store credit in the amount that the item is currently offered for sale at in stores. Another way to keep the fun and festivities going is by organizing a gift swap among friends or at the office.

Jingle Blues #3: Didn’t Get the Big Item on Your List – Take advantage of post-holiday sales.

Despite leaving countless hints about desired gifts, many still didn’t get the one thing they really wanted this Christmas and now with Black Friday a distance memory, there’s no chance of finding the item get a great deal, right? Wrong! A lot of retailers will have sales the day after Christmas and into the weekend leading up to New Year’s. Another option is to look for sales on the 2013 version of something because the 2014’s will start rolling out and the older model will be offered at a deep discount, especially with electronics like cameras and seasonal apparel like winter coats.

Jingle Blues #4: Missing Family or Need a Vacation – Use online coupons to save.

Holiday time is always the busiest and most expensive time of year to travel as everyone wants to get home to see family. For those who couldn’t afford a trip home in November and December, or simply need a vacation, January will present a lot of affordable travel options in the way of hotels and flights. Since most people don’t travel at the beginning of the year, it’s a great time to plan a getaway. Go to to compare the major travel retailers side by side and see the deals offered for January and the first few months of the year.

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