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Special Online Programming from Live Red Foundation Gets Children Moving 

Editor’s note: Final day to register for Saturday’s Live Red Foundation Splash & DashRVA, a youth swim-run series that provides kids a safe, fun introduction to multi-sport to benefit a great cause. Each event includes a 100 yard swim and 1 mile run wrapped up in a ton of fun! Sign up at the link below before midnight tonight, and read about how they are keeping the event safe for all. These events support the work of to advance the health and fitness of youth in the community.

Sign up here.


Children smile and laugh as they jump imaginary ropes, pretend to fly like Superman, and march with outstretched arms around family rooms and kitchens in homes across our community. A local nonprofit continues to pursue its mission despite COVID-19 through virtual fitness classes for children.  

The Live Red Foundation uses fitness to empower and equip children to create a successful future for themselves and their community. This is done through free fitness programs which teach valuable life skills to children in several of Richmond’s at-risk communities. Not only do these fitness programs challenge kids physically, they promote important values like setting goals, taking risks, believing in yourself, and persevering. Live Red Foundation’s vision is to give youth a belief that they can change the future for themselves and their communities.  

To get your children moving during these free virtual classes, go here.  

With the onset of COVID-19, Live Red Foundation’s programs, which serve 350 children in Richmond’s at-risk communities, came to a halt.  Despite this, Live Red Foundation felt it was important to show the youth they serve how to persevere in your mission despite all odds. 

“This is the perfect time to live out what we preach to the children we serve.  Though challenging, we refused to stop pursuing our mission,” says Executive Director Michael Harlow.

Harlow reports that Live Red Foundation has created virtual fitness classes for children. Not only is this serving the children who were already in Live Red Foundation programs, but it has been made available to families at no cost.  

Harlow explains, “We knew this was the time children everywhere needed us most. They miss their teachers, coaches, and friends, and we needed to attempt to fill that void.”  This social interaction is vital to children. Boredom, lack of social outlets, and parental stress can quickly lead to loneliness, anxiety, or fear. For children in the most vulnerable communities which Live Red Foundation serves, these burdens are considerable.

Bi-weekly, children take part in a a child-designed workout led by a fitness professional. Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:00 pm and free for all children to attend.

Before joining class, we encourage you to view the following videos which we created to help accelerate the learning curve with Zoom and specific exercises:


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