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SpectrumWise Prepares Students with Autism for College Life

SpectrumWise College Consulting prepares and places students with autism spectrum disorders in colleges that have the supports they need to succeed.

Barbara Simeroth, M.S.Ed., founded SpectrumWise because she knows that students with autism can succeed in college – if they’re properly prepared for life on campus and receive the right support from the school. Like many parents of a neurodiverse child, Barbara thought that her son’s intelligence alone would allow him to succeed in college—but it did not. Unfortunately, studies show that without appropriate preparation and placement, the majority of students with ASD will not complete a college degree.

As a parent of a neurodiverse child who never quite fit in, Barbara experienced many of the same daily challenges and big-picture struggles you may face right now. It was overwhelming at times, but Barbara’s love for her son drove her to find out how to help him succeed after high school.

As an educator, Barbara saw too many highly capable children with autism leave college because they weren’t adequately prepared to live independently, self-advocate, or navigate the complex new social environment of a college campus. A study found students with ASD have only a 38% likelihood of completing their degrees so she developed the START 360 program to help these often-brilliant students develop critically important skills: independent living, resilience, problem solving, executive functioning, and more.

For the best chance at success, a neurodiverse student needs a supportive environment and the right life skills. Barbara has visited and evaluated autism support programs in colleges across the country and can help your child find the best one for him. In fact, one autism support program boasts a 94% graduation rate! She knows the programs, but Barbara also knows that a supportive college is only part of the picture. How are your student’s social skills? Can he advocate for himself? Will he be able to get up and be ready for class without you there? Let SpectrumWise help him find the right school for his academic goals and neurodiverse needs. Call 804-554-6617 and put your child on the road to college success.

Now offering PEERS Social Skills Training for ages fourteen to thirty. Call 804-554-6617 or visit to learn more.

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