Strategies for Complicated Family Celebrations



    By Julie M. Cilio, Esquire


    Happy Mother’s Day – a day to celebrate being a mom and having a mom. Celebrations during a separation or divorce, however, can be complicated. The difficult emotions that surround couples who are separating or divorcing can make it hard to feel like you want to celebrate the other parent.

    Remember, however, that your children will be impacted by how you approach recognizing their mother. As a parent, you have a responsibility (even with regard to the Code of Virginia) to help foster the relationship between the children and the other parent.  Mother’s Day and  Father’s Day are good times to be sure you are fulfilling your responsibility.

    Some ways you can do that are:

    1.  Help your children pick out a card

    2.  Help your children pick out or make a present

    3.  If it’s your day to have the children, consider letting Mom see the children that day

    These are small things, but they can make a big difference to your children. And remember Dads, you will be in the same position next month.


    This information is provided by Hall and Hall Family Law in Richmond.