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Summer Reading Readiness Program

Reading Instruction that Prevents the Summer Slump

This August, elementary school literacy specialist, Kathryn Starke shares her reading techniques and tricks with students in Richmond. Her reading readiness program provides the reading tools a child needs to successfully return to school in the fall. Many children experience the “summer slump” by not reading and writing in June, July, and August. Kathryn will ensure that the children she works with are reading for a brand new year.

During the month of August, Kathryn will conduct one-on-one sessions as well as small groups of friends and or siblings that are created to match the differentiated reading instructional level of the students. For $40.00 a session, Kathryn will work with a child for a 45-50 minute period and spend the final 10-15 minutes meeting with the parent/guardian explaining their child’s strengths/weaknesses in reading. This format allows children to work on their own level with guidance and allows parents to understand exactly how to support their child at home in reading.

Kathryn Starke has a BS degree in elementary education, a Master’s degree in Literacy and Culture, and twelve years of teaching experience in public schools in Richmond. She founded Creative Minds Publications to exemplify quality literacy instruction for all children and to motivate students, support parents, and inspire teachers in reading education. For more information, access the website, or email her at [email protected]

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