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Support Homeward’s GRTC Ticket Drive


GRTC is crucial for the homeless population of Richmond, as these Richmonders need to travel to the community services and appointments that can help end their homelessness. “Bus passes are a small, but useful item we can use to build trust and relationships with individuals and families so we can best serve them,” says Kelly King Horne with Homeward, whose team will distribute the GRTC bus passes to clients during upcoming events. You can buy GRTC Go Cards and passes at and enter the Homeward address for convenient delivery.

Go_card_10_largePasses are also available at Ridefinders (1013 E Main Street), and GRTC vendors like Martin’s, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, and a variety of others throughout Richmond. Please check the GRTC for details.

In addition to specifying delivery to Homeward when you shop for passes online, you can also mail or hand-deliver GRTC pass to:

1125 Commerce Road
Richmond, Virginia 23224.

Stay connected with Homeward on Facebook or by visiting Read more about Homeward in Reaching Out.

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