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The Cultural Arts Center Hosts New Distance Learning Hubs

In response to a community need for safe spaces for virtual student learning, the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen (CACGA) will provide virtual learning hubs in creative spaces for middle school students, followed by learning and art enrichment activities.

Following the safety guidelines as set forth by the Virginia State Health Commissioner, the CACGA will require physical distancing, hand washing, daily screening for symptoms, and face coverings over the nose and mouth for all students and adult participants while inside the building.

Registration for the CACGA’s learning hub space is open online or at 804-261-ARTS.  The program is an 8-week program beginning on Monday, September 14 and ending on Friday, November 6. Dates may be extended until December 30 if school openings are further delayed.  The fee for the program is $100 per week.  Upon registration, payment is required for the first and last week of the program.

Virtual learning will begin at the time designated by the student’s home school. Groups of a maximum of ten to twelve students will stay together with the same adult monitor throughout the school day and will not mix with other student groups. Students will be required to wear face masks, remain six feet apart, and will not share materials or supplies.

At the end of the virtual school day, students will have the opportunity to participate in visual arts, performing arts, and outdoor activities.  Activities may include drawing, painting, animation, theater, yoga, gardening, and more.  Staff and supplies for these activities will be provided by the Cultural Arts Center.

Instructors for the afterschool enrichment activities will be different each day.  These instructors will strictly adhere to the safety guidelines for social distancing, hand washing, health screening, and face covering.

Beginning on Monday, September 14, registered students may be dropped off between 7:15 and 7:45 a.m.   Students must be picked up by 5:30 pm. Students will be required to bring lunch and snacks, a laptop, headset, and school supplies.  Students will be screened for symptoms upon arrival and throughout the day.  If any students show symptoms at any time during the day, they will be isolated in a separate room and a parent or guardian will be contacted for pick-up.

The Cultural Arts Center looks forward to providing a safe and welcoming space where students can continue to learn and celebrate the arts! For more information, please contact Cindy Rinker at artsoutreach@artsglenallen. To register, please call 804-261-ARTS or visit

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