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“The Hallelujah Girls” Rings True with One Liners, and Zany Antics

“Life is like Jell-O. Once it’s set, it’s done.”

That was the inclination of the Southern gals living in Eden Falls, Georgia. Attitudes were poor and dreams were no more – until Vonda Joyce died. Short-lived grief morphed into a life-changing wake-up call for Sugar Lee Thompkins, a spunky, self-imposed “life coach.”

With outlandish optimism, she devised a scheme to save herself and her aging friends from eternal gloom. La-dee-dah, the Spa-Dee-Dah was born. But hold your hallelujahs! Sugar Lee chose an abandoned church to house her day spa, pouring her earthy savings into a dilapidated structure that was far from heavenly. Its foundation was crumbling and its secrets were carefully hidden – just like Sugar Lee and her friends, the women we meet in The Hallelujah Girls.

What a fun outing! While the production’s one-liners zing with reality, zany costumes and over-the-top antics counter with just the right measure of comic relief. And somewhere between the sarcasm and humor, The Hallelujah Girls cleverly reminds us to embrace our friends, follow our hearts, and always be on the look-out for life’s next opportunity.

The Hallelujah Girls, which continues at the Swift Creek Mill Theatre through July 23, culminates the celebration of the historical playhouse’s fiftieth anniversary. This southern gal who’s living her dreams during her life’s second act, highly recommends it. For showtimes and tickets, visit Swift Creek Mill.


Lynn Jackson Kirk, a freelance writer, treasures her family and faith. A self-proclaimed nature nerd, she’s also passionate about gardening, capturing sunsets in her camera lens, and canoeing at her lakeside home.

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