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The Heart To Survive: A Memoir By Carolyn Powell

The Heart to Survive: A Memoir by Carolyn Powell

The Heart to Survive is a memoir about how a young, athletic, working mother of two young boys—married to the love of her life—changed forever. This story provides an account of one woman’s struggle to survive and recover from traumatic cardiac arrest in order to raise her kids. The Heart to Survive embraces the journey through life’s hurdles to show the possibilities of navigating motherhood with a life-long disability. Carolyn Powell’s recently released memoir, The Heart to Survive, is currently in distribution on the Barnes & Noble website at and Amazon at

Written in collaboration with professional ghostwriter, Shannon Merillat, The Heart to Survive has been professionally edited by Michelle Graber. Published by Bookmen Media Group, The Heart to Survive is available in print and e-book formats.

We appreciate your consideration of Carolyn’s memoir, The Heart to Survive, as a featured local author. To view blogs and updates from the author, readings, and other information, check out this book’s dedicated website:

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