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ThermaCELL – Keeps Mosquitos Away (Really!)

ThermaCELL – Keeps Mosquitos Away (Really!)

Outdoor Lantern 1Toss the sprays that smell bad and don’t always work, and take down that loud and annoying bug zapper. ThermaCELL is an innovative product parents can use to keep 98% of mosquitoes away. Now using DEET is no longer the only option. This new lantern discreetly keeps bugs at bay by creating a 15×15 ft zone of protection, utilizing the repellent allethrin, a copy of a natural insecticide.

Since mosquitoes can potentially carry fatal diseases, don’t chance it—use ThermaCELL no matter where you are. No more need to listen to bugs get indiscriminately zapped all night. The new ThermaCELL lantern is 98% effective according to test conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense and uses patented technology.  I tested this at our annual 4th of July outing to watch the fireworks. Last year I got 36 bites, this yesr – ZERO. I would recommend this for camping, patios, and even those evening soccer games.

ThermaCELL area mosquito repellent lanterns are easy to carry and portable. The butane cartridge heats a mat releasing allethrin, an insect repellent that is a synthetic copy of an insecticide found in chrysanthemums. Each mat contains enough repellent for four hours of protection and works in minutes. Each butane cartridge lasts 12 hours. I was able to wrap the mat in foil and a plasic resealable bag and use it for multiple short outings. 

The ThermaCELL line of products includes patio and outdoor lanterns, tabletop units that keep uninvited bugs at bay and hand-held appliances, prized by outdoor enthusiasts in need of relief from biting insects. For more information on ThermaCELL’s complete line of products or availability in-store visit or call 1-8-NO-SKEETERS (866-753-3837).

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