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To The Arctic – IMAX At The Science Museum Of Virginia

To the Arctic – IMAX at The Science Museum of Virginia

Reviewed by Robin Schwartzkopf

We don’t get down to the Science Museum of Virginia very often, but To the Arctic – an iMAX film that transports you to the top of the world – reminded me of why we should. An inspiring story of motherly love and courage and the breathtaking scenery gave me a chance to truly appreciate and learn more about one of the earth’s most spectacular natural sites.

Narrated by the charming Oscar winner Meryl Streep and directed by Academy Award nominee Greg MacGillivray, To the Arctic takes viewers on a snowy journey complete with determined caribou, a dedicated mother polar bear and her two cubs, and the occasional walrus. It also delves into the environmentally touchy matter of global warming, pointing out the direct consequences the phenomena has every day on native animals.

Parents and older kids with good taste in music will appreciate that  To the Arctic also has a fabulous soundtrack featuring one of music’s legends, Paul McCartney. His soothing voice, accompanied by Steve Wood’s musical score, was yet another reason audiences savored this iMAX experience. That, combined with the majestic landscape, spectacular shots of wildlife, and a view of what is happening to the earth because of humans’ actions, made this movie informative and heart-touching at the same time.  At 40 minutes, the film is just the right length and perfect, I think, for ages five and up. (Rated G)

Now showing at The Science Museum of Virginia. ($9 general admission; $5 members.)


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