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Virginia Rep’s “Gypsy” Spices up the Holidays with Sparkle, Shimmer, and Shine


A holiday thank you from Virginia Rep! In the spirit of giving, Virginia Rep is offering one complimentary ticket to GYPSY with every ticket order.*

Tickets can be purchased by calling the box office at (804) 282-2620. If you’ve already seen Gypsy and would like the free additional ticket please call the box office.

*Limited availability. One free ticket per household. Available through box office only. Valid for shows 12/23/15-1/10/16.


Read the RFM review:

Virginia Rep is livening up the holiday season with the classic musical Gypsy.

This much beloved show tells the tale of Rose, the quintessential backstage mother, who pushes her daughters, June and Louise, onto the stage hoping to turn them into Vaudeville stars.

Rose’s life hasn’t been easy. She’s had to face rejection from her mother and her ex-husbands and it’s those experiences that seem to fuel her desire to put someone in the spotlight. She dreams big, but has trouble making those dreams become reality.

Chris Hietikko, Robyn O'Neill and Christie Jackson. Photo by Aaron Sutten.
Chris Hietikko, Robyn O’Neill and Christie Jackson. Photo by Aaron Sutten.

She creates the act “Dainty June and the Farmboys” and with the help of her boyfriend, Herbie, finally gets on the coveted Orpheum circuit, but the act breaks up when June rejects her mom and sets out on her own. Rose then focuses her attention on Louise and starts a new act, but it struggles as Vaudeville begins to decline.

Rose is forced to accept a gig in a burlesque theater and when all seems hopeless, she volunteers Louise to fill in for a stripper who is missing in action. When Louise rises to stardom as Gypsy Rose Lee her mother must come to grips with the reality of the moment.

Director Chase Kniffen has done a magnificent job of corralling the talents of a cast that numbers in excess of twenty-five, melding everything and everyone together to create a robust production that sparkles, shimmers, and shines.

Christie Jackson as Gypsy. Photo by Aaron Sutten.
Christie Jackson as Gypsy. Photo by Aaron Sutten.

The cast as a whole is strong and lively. There are no weak links in this almost three hour production.

There are some cast members that will catch your eye. Kevin DeJesus-Jones who plays one of Rose’s actors Tulsa displays his seasoned dance abilities in the spirited All I Need Is the Girl.

Susan Sanford, Nicole Oberleitner, and Debra Clinton are downright hilarious as three over-the-top strippers who are having just too much fun belting out the wickedly funny You Gotta Get a Gimmick. If their performance doesn’t make you laugh, nothing will.

Catherine Carol Walker has fun showing off her multi talents as the extroverted Dainty June. Christie Jackson takes Louise from a mousy, introverted girl to a confident stripper with skill and finesse. She lightens up the stage. Chris Hietikko who plays Rose’s love interest, Herbie, gives an honest, masterful performance. He is thoroughly entertaining.

As the steamrolling Rose, Robyn O’Neill brings different colors to the role. At one minute she’s charming, the next she’s pushy. She is continuously building layers and momentum. She has the two most well known songs in the production Everything’s Coming Up Roses and Rose’s Turn and she performs them with heartfelt talent. She’s a joy to watch.

Sue Griffen has done an outstanding job with the costumes that range from a cow to glitzy evening gowns. Brian Prather’s innovative set and Lynne Hartman’s unique lighting design create some very special moments in the production.

Gypsy is a delight and should be savored as a real treat for the holidays. Recommended for twelve and up, the show explores themes that should serve as solid family conversation starters. You don’t want to miss it.

Gypsy runs through January 10 at Virginia Rep’s November Theatre. For tickets and showtimes, visit Virginia Rep.

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