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Virginia’s Opens Its Thirty-Eighth State Park in Stafford County

This Thursday, November 8, Widewater State Park in Stafford County will open as the 38th state park. Enjoy river access, picnic shelters, playgrounds, historical significance, flourishing biodiversity, canoe launches, canoe-in camping, waterfowl blinds, and more.

Widewater State Park is located on a peninsula at the confluence of the Aquia Creek and Potomac River in and features expansive views of tidal region from its shores. A main “backbone” trail runs the length of the park, providing convenient access to the park’s recreational areas, amenities, and the spur trails that explore the diverse ecosystems therein.

The park is also rich in regional history and cultural heritage. As such, Widewater will celebrate its origin stories with educational, interpretive programming for visitors and recreational opportunities in the spirit of that history.


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