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Why Acupuncture Might Be Right for You

Acupuncture is steadily becoming a more popular treatment option for many people. Americans are increasingly wary of taking medications due to the many side effects. As a result, there is heightened interest for more natural healthcare options to treat their medical issues. When I was young, I had my own health issues. I was bounced around to different doctors who were only interested in prescribing medications that caused serious side effects and never helped my condition. Eventually I tried acupuncture, and I began to feel better. I knew I wanted to practice this medicine so that I could help other people achieve success in their healthcare journey.

My patients often tell me they are tired of taking medications that aren’t having much effect on their health condition and may even be causing side effects. These patients are surprised to learn that acupuncture can address their health problem and will not require the use of long-term medication.

How Acupuncture Works:

With acupuncture, the entire person is addressed rather than chasing symptoms through the use of various medications. Acupuncture is primarily a cardiovascular therapy which works together with the body’s nervous system to regulate the release of neurotransmitters and hormones. During an acupuncture treatment, your brain is signaled to release an opiate-like chemical called enkephalins, which is your body’s natural painkiller. This process also causes the blood vessels to dilate allowing blood to flow into the targeted area. If there is an obstruction of blood flow to any area of the body, that area will malfunction. This is the root cause of pain and disease. The body cannot heal without proper blood flow because the healing components in the body live in and travel through the blood. By stimulating proper blood flow in the body, we are able to stop pain and reverse disease.

What Acupuncture Can Treat

Acupuncture is able to treat many common health complaints. Some of the most common health complaints that I see in my office include:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety/Stress Management
  • Insomnia
  • Gynecological conditions

Pain is perhaps the most common reason people seek acupuncture treatment and for good reason. Most chronic pain is due to some kind of obstruction of blood flow to a body part or due to a buildup of inflammation in the body that is often causing joint pain…AKA arthritis. Patients often experience quick and lasting results since acupuncture is so effective with causing the body to release our natural pain killers (enkephalins) and at restoring proper blood flow in the body.

Anxiety and insomnia are also quite common complaints that can be helped with acupuncture treatment. Interestingly, these two health issues are often experienced together and frequently have a similar root cause. Both of these conditions are often helped because acupuncture is effective at regulating hormones and the release of neurotransmitters in the brain, especially dopamine and serotonin which have a strong effect on mood and sleep.

Gynecology complaints are very effectively treated with acupuncture. Whether it’s fertility issues, PCOS, endometriosis, irregular menstruation, or even menopausal symptoms, acupuncture can help. Many women experience great results with their gynecology conditions after trying acupuncture due to its ability to fix the root problem rather than just masking symptoms with medications. This allows for not only symptom relief but also the reversal of the disease process so the symptoms stay away.

For a full list of health conditions that can be helped with acupuncture, visit my website at If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact me at 804-687-0080 or


Taylor Krafcik is a licensed acupuncturist and owner of Vitality Acupuncture & Natural Medicine. He has a master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Taylor has been in practice for over 7 years and has ample experience in treating a variety of health conditions. Taylor enjoys staying active through exercise and spending time with his family. Learn more about Taylor and his practice at



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