ICAN Parties, A Richmond Original

Are you looking for a stress-free, creatively planned party based on your child’s unique interests? Look no further! ICAN Parties is a local small-business, created by Richmonder, elementary teacher, and mother, Leah Griffeth.

What is unique about ICAN Parties?
We offer party planning services for children’s celebrations with a career focus! In the style of a birthday party or celebration, we provide a 2 hour event at the location of the customer’s choice. The participants dress up in gear based on the theme. The party package includes the dress-up gear, décor, invitations, goodie bags, and the creative and unique activities (such as experiments, games, recipes, challenges, etc.); everything about the party is related to the career theme!

The events are intended for children, ages 4-14.

What does a 2 hour party entail?
-12 themed invitations ordered upon booking & deposit (2+ weeks before party)
-3 or 4 hands-on, interactive activities & supplies
– Adult supervision and guidance
-Dress up gear
​-Themed decorations
-Themed goodie bags
-Set up and clean up of all the above by ICAN!
-Lots of fun!

It is our mission to build confidence in children, instill good work ethic, encourage exploration and healthy risk-taking in different professions, and to provide exposure to various professions, along with education and activities while having fun with friends.

At ICAN parties, we dress up, work hard, and do our job! We have the coolest ideas and most fun activities in a variety of different fields. It is my passion to work with children in helping them develop into responsible, respectful contributors to the classroom, school, and community. I make it a priority to foster a safe and respectful environment for all of the children with whom I work so that they may perform to their best potential and have the confidence to try their best. In my 10+ years of working with children and young teens across multiple states in rural, sub-urban, and urban areas, there is one constant in my experience that has never changed; when a child feels true encouragement and experiences success, he or she will be motivated to work harder and achieve his or her best. I believe in not only educating and exposing children to what the future may hold for them in regard to a career, but also in motivating them to try new things, take healthy risks, put forth their greatest effort, never give up, and do so with a professional demeanor and great attitude. It is never too early to instill good work ethic. With ICAN Parties, we teach responsibility and work ethic with an “I CAN” attitude while having a blast with our favorite people!


Grade Level
Preschool /JK, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School
On Location