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Kenston Forest School

75 Ridge Road, Blackstone, VA, United States
49 Mc Arthur Drive Blackstone Virginia 23824 US

Kenston Forest School is one of the oldest pre-K through 12 schools in Virginia. As a co-ed vocational day school, we have been successful in sending young people to the finest colleges in Virginia and the nation for almost fifty years. Throughout our entire history, our strength has been our intimate size and our family orientation. By offering free bus transportation, we have brought children from ten counties and the City of Petersburg into a place they can call their own. The Kavaliers may live separated from each other geographically, but they are unified in their spirit and goals. Our focus is college preparation in a safe, Christian-oriented environment. We believe that we are uniquely situated to utilize the strengths of America’s rural heritage as well as the strengths of our increasingly technological age.

Grade Level
Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, High School
Dinwiddie Co.
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