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Midlothian Montessori

122 N Courthouse Rd, Richmond, VA, United States
122 North Courthouse Road Richmond Virginia 23236 US

Midlothian Montessori offers enrollment for preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1-5. Midlothian Montessori follows the philosophy and concepts of Montessori education in order to provide a foundation for children to become lifelong learners. By tailoring the environment to meet the child’s needs, we nurture the spirit in each child and promote learning through discovery. Our goals include helping build skills needed for school and home, fostering positive and courteous social interaction, building self-confidence, utilizing a child’s sensitive periods for learning, and providing an ordered environment where a child can be free to discover on their own with minimal intervention.

Grade Level
Preschool /JK, Kindergarten, Elementary School
Chesterfield Co.
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