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River City Academy

1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 202A, Richmond, VA 23230
1910 Byrd Avenue Richmond va 23230 US

River City Academy (RCA) is a unique program designed to build fluent academic skills in core subject areas and to accelerate learning in areas where students are already proficient. We believe that all learners can succeed when instruction is designed to meet their individual learning needs no matter where they lie. Our instruction is student-driven and we use scientifically-tested curriculum and practices in all of our efforts. We are offering a summer experience consisting of 1-3 weeks of intensive instruction and fun activities in our River Readers and Mathletes programs. Both courses are provided each day with the options of a fun lunch mid-day, early arrival, and late pick-up. Our methods allow students to practice reading, writing and problem-solving which helps prepare them for challenges while giving them the confidence to persevere when learning. Using these strategies, children can catch up and get ahead in any academic area.

Hosted at the Collegiate School in Richmond
Mailing address is 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 202A, Richmond, VA 23230

Day Camps
Academic, Other
Henrico Co. West
Grade Level
Elementary School
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