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Podium RVA’s Writing Camps

626 E Broad St # 100, Richmond, VA 23219
626 East Broad Street Richmond Virginia 23219 US

Podium RVA’s summer programs are open to rising 7th through 9th graders and rising 10th graders through just graduated seniors (hey, congrats!). Together, we participate in hands-on games and activities while unlocking our inner communicator, writer, artist, or performer! Explore more about yourself, learn from others, and share what YOU want to say in your own, creative way!

Week 1: Mon July 16th – Wed July 18th

1A (10am-1pm): Heroes, Villains, and Anti-Heroes. (Fiction) ages 11-14

Good. Evil. Justice. Revenge. Epic adventures always have one thing in common: the hero and the villain. But, is the world really so black and white? Are there times when heroes let us down? What causes villains to turn towards the forces of darkness in the first place? Explore every corner of your imagination in this session by creating short fiction pieces in your own world of heroes, villains, and everything in between!

1B (2pm-5pm): Take a Stand. (Social Action) ages 15-18

Action. Collaboration. Change. Take a look around your community, school, the world. What injustices do you see, can you feel? Change doesn’t happen unless you take a stand. There are many ways to work towards social justice and equality. Where do you fit in, and what are your personal strengths? In this session, we design different projects and tools to advocate for ourselves, family, friends, and communities.

Week 2: Mon July 23rd –  Wed July 25th

2A (10am-1pm): What’s the Word? (Journalism) ages 11-14

Truth. Investigation. Opinion.  When there’s a story to tell, who is there to tell the tale? Dive into your investigative self and join The Weekly Word news team! Can you get the scoop before it becomes yesterday’s news? Whether you’ve got the best gossip around or want to uncover hidden truths, this session challenges you to work together and design your own Breaking News stories, advice columns, advertisements, and more!

2B (2pm-5pm): Cartoons and Comics! (Graphic Novels) ages 15-18

Fantasy. Action. Power. Graphic Novels help us understand that communication involves more than writing. With the combined power of images and words, in this session we explore complex plot lines, backgrounds, and histories and build creative pieces of art that share our stories. Speak from your personal truths or create an alternative reality. Artists and writers are encouraged to attend, but you don’t have to have experience with either!

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