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Camp Strawderman

Camp Strawderman

Girls ages 6-17 participate in riding, drama, outdoor activities, music and dance.

Camp Strawderman is about riding horseback, swimming in fresh water streams and hiking on mountain trails. It’s about belly laughs and Indian stories, sitting by roaring campfires and igniting lifelong friendships. It’s about cuddling with four-legged friends, climbing mountains, and singing at the top of your lungs. It’s about being who you are and liking who that is. Camp Strawderman is a place you look forward to going every summer and once you visit, your heart never leaves.

See for yourself. Take a leisurely hike through our site and you’ll start to understand why Camp Strawderman is such a special place. You’ll see why we love it so much and why so many of our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers loved it when they came as young girls. If you’re already a Strawderman girl, be sure to check out the photo section. You’re certain to see a few familiar faces and we should warn you, there might even be a few embarrassing ones of yourself.

Camp Activities
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