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CodeWizardsHQ Summer Classes and Camps

CodeWizardsHQ Summer Classes and Camps

Unlock a summer of imagination! Attend CodeWizardsHQ’s teacher-led online camps and classes. Kids and teens can choose from 3-week summer coding classes or 1-week Minecraft and Roblox coding camps.

Our 3-week accelerated summer coding classes cover the same content as our structured program, but with a more frequent meeting schedule. Students can complete three full courses in one summer. Choose from June, July, or August terms for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Our 1-week Minecraft summer camp uses Minecraft and Java to teach computing concepts. Kids build fun projects inside Minecraft while using it as a tool to learn how to code. A 1-week Roblox camp introduces students to the world of Roblox game creation! By the completion of this camp, students will have a fully developed project and the skills to create their own Roblox games.

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