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Tough Questions

Q:My 12-year-old daughter is constantly judging kids and commenting on what they wear and how they look. This is new behavior for her. I’m worried that if she feels okay telling me these things, she could be even more outspoken…

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Attention Deficit and Thumb Sucking

Q: We have gotten a lot of input through the years about our 11-year-old son’s behavior from his teachers and this year’s teacher has commented as well. We’ve heard everything: focus issues, high-energy, etc. I want to know if he…

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Discipline and Money-Management

Q: My 3-year-old is the exact opposite of his older sister. I thought I had a system for discipline based on reinforcing positive behaviors, but nothing is working. Can you recommend some discipline techniques? A: Our children often have different…

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Teen Talk & Baby’s Bath

Q: My ninth-grade daughter has suddenly started locking her bedroom door almost all the time.Should I ask why? Tell her to stop? Please help. A: It sounds as though your teen is going through the normal developmental process of separation and…

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Big Kid Discipline and Separation Anxiety

Q: Can you recommend a good discipline strategy for 10-year-olds? A: Yes, in one word: consequences.When parents are first trying to diffuse temper tantrums and other toddler and preschool misbehavior, the positive language of “choice” is very effective. With an…

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Time-outs and Tween Moods

Q: I’ve seen a friend try to give time-outs to her 2-yearold. She’s holding the child in a chair and telling him it’s a time-out. I thought the idea was to take attention away. Is he too young? Is this…

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