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How a Shoebox Can Change a Life

Chesterfield County -- A four-year-old Croatian girl named Branka never smiled, or laughed. Why would she? She had no shoes, ill-fitting clothing, and slept with a blanket on a dirt floor. Little food and no plumbing existed in her home,…

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Helping Kids Deal with Divorce

Local professionals have the following suggestions about how to help your child navigate through the divorce process: 1. Tell them with both parents together – with no hostility or anger. 2. Assure them that they are not responsible. 3. Assure them it’s the…

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St. Andrew's School a National Finalist

For Immediate Release Raven Wilkinson 804.648.4952 National Finalists Richmond, VA – May 23,2012 – The Fourth Grade class at St. Andrew’s School has recently been named finalists in the national Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge and…

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When I Grow Up…

My mother tried desperately - for my own good - to force me into a teaching career that the very thought of gave me migraines. That experience compelled me to say to my own two sons: Whatever you want, I'll…

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Talk About Drinking

To this day, my son will watch me as I raise a vodka martini to my lips and say, “Mom, you realize you are killing off your brain cells every time you do that?” He’s 30, but he learned this…

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Attention Deficit and Thumb Sucking

Q: We have gotten a lot of input through the years about our 11-year-old son’s behavior from his teachers and this year’s teacher has commented as well. We’ve heard everything: focus issues, high-energy, etc. I want to know if he…

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Discipline and Money-Management

Q: My 3-year-old is the exact opposite of his older sister. I thought I had a system for discipline based on reinforcing positive behaviors, but nothing is working. Can you recommend some discipline techniques? A: Our children often have different…

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