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Look Who’s Homeschooling

Each year, as summer wraps up and store shelves fill with backpacks, lunchboxes and colorful new notebooks, American families take on a rite of passage: sending their children off to school. But for more families than ever before, the falling…

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Hot Button Topic

Time now for an issue that despite the dearth of attention it receives in the media, affects us all. Today, we’re going to talk about glue gun control. My guess is you’re wondering how we’ll have a productive conversation about…

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Keeping Babies Safe

Like every mother, Kyra Oliver of Richmond loves to recall the early days of parenthood. She vividly remembers the days spent bonding with her infant son. “Hayes was a very contented baby,” she says. “He loved to laugh, and he…

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Tales of Holiday Parenting

What makes the holiday season so special? Stories you never forget, time spent together, and family traditions. Here, parents share some of their most cherished holiday moments. Looking back at the fondest of holiday memories, I barely remember the gifts. I…

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7 Tricks for Families

No holiday captures the imagination of a child quite like Halloween. Candy! Costumes! Roaming the streets in the dark! It’s no wonder Halloween is considered the most frightening holiday of the year. Frankly, before becoming a parent, I would not…

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