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New Leadership Goals

Virginians have elected a new governor, Ralph Northam, who will take office January 13, 2018. What will his priorities be? One early action he could take to ensure children’s issues are a top priority during his administration is to form…

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Play Dates and Stranger Danger

Q: I admit it, playdates at my house drive me crazy. I try to leave the kids alone, but every time I listen in, an older neighbor kid is consistently making all the decisions and calling all the shots. How…

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Kids In The Media Mix

For most of us, there’s no shortage of wonder as to how far (and how quickly) technology has advanced since our own childhoods. Today, there isn’t an element of a child or teen’s life that isn’t impacted by a computer.…

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Springing Forth!

Prior to having children, I never would have described myself as the outdoorsy type. I’m content indoors with air conditioning and comfortable furniture. Yet, I was blessed with two children who love the outdoors and ask to be outside –…

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Fighting the Good Fight

When they take up lodging on our kids’ heads, lice don’t just gross us out. They wage an all-out assault on our confidence as parents. Because I had been informed about lice in various kindergarten classrooms at our neighborhood school,…

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Where Yum Meets Fun

Theodora von Hohenstaufen Noll is the first to admit that she had a tendency to hover over her children. Letting them loose in the kitchen, where sharp knives and hot burners could threaten their safety, was obviously out of the…

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Divorce Happens

I love my ex, and not in a pining, unrequited love kind of way. I really do. My friends think I’m nuts. In a way, I love him more now than I did when we were married, because now we don’t have…

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