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The Art of Marbling

Marbling is the process of floating paint on the surface of treated (or sized) water. Very popular in Europe in the nineteenth century, marbled fabric and paper were commonly used as a decorative materials for book covers, and for lining…

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Good Clean Fun

What you need: Bar of soap Plastic knife, craft sticks, 
toothpicks, paper clips Paper and pencil What you do:   1. Brainstorm sculpture ideas. 2. Then sketch your design on paper, including different angles. 3. When you have settled on…

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Elvis Forever

In 1956, Elvis performed two concerts at the Mosque (now the Landmark Theater) in Richmond. He was just twenty-one. Alfred Wertheimer’s photos documenting the performance, and the young musician’s travels, are on display at VMFA through March 18.Even though this…

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Whale-Done Art

  • September 4, 2011

What you need: • Two large pieces of cotton or felt fabric • Scissors • A pencil or pen • Fabric glue, needle and thread, stapler, or low-temp hot glue gun. (There are several ways to connect the two pieces of fabric…

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Tell Your Story

  • February 12, 2011

Hundreds of years ago, the Native Americans of the Plains recorded their memories and told stories by painting scenes on the hides of the buffalo – the animal on which they depended. Use this creative technique to chronicle your own…

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Happy Birthdays!

Party planning is in my blood. My mother was a mastermind who could bring any theme to life. Luau. Hoedown. Olympics. When I turned five, she transformed our house into Oz, complete with a yellow brick road. My grandmother even…

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