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5 Simple Steps

As an elementary school teacher, my classroom was always described as organized. Friends who came over and happened to see my pantry couldn’t believe how food was in labeled containers.…

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Whether you start with a stone and finish with a paperweight, or go a more practical direction and work with soap, you’re sure to have a unique felted treasure perfect…

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Organizational skills come naturally to Katherine Lawrence, certified professional organizer for Space Matters in Richmond. “I did have a very organized sticker collection as a kid and I was the…

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All Talk

New research out of Toronto confirms what I’ve been telling myself and my husband – loudly and repeatedly – for many years now. Talking to yourself is not a bad…

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As a mother, a teacher for 19 years, and now a school counselor, I have seen the many anxieties that an upcoming school project can cause for your child. In…

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Q: Can you recommend a good discipline strategy for 10-year-olds? A: Discipline is often thought of as a negative action. However, there are ways to use positive discipline that can…

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