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Feeling Holidazed?

It’s happening. The air feels crisp. Boots and scarves greet you at every turn. Suddenly an insatiable craving for anything mulled overtakes you. That’s right, friends. The holidays are here – complete with lovely visions of nights spent sipping cider…

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All I Want for Christmas

Dear Santa, Yes, that’s right. It’s me. After all these years. You were probably expecting letters from my children, weren’t you? Well, keep your eye out; they’ll be along shortly. The kids have been busy making their lists, and this…

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How a Shoebox Can Change a Life

Chesterfield County -- A four-year-old Croatian girl named Branka never smiled, or laughed. Why would she? She had no shoes, ill-fitting clothing, and slept with a blanket on a dirt floor. Little food and no plumbing existed in her home,…

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The Ultimate Gift

  When you count your blessings this Thanksgiving, what will be on that list? For the more than 25,000 Americans who received a lifesaving transplant since last Turkey Day, the holiday will be infused with a whole new level of…

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With Love from Planet Boy

Happy Mother's Day! As my gift to you this year, Dena, I am using this valuable DadZone real estate to publish an open letter of appreciation for the wonderful wife and mother that you are. Don't worry. I'm not going…

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Happy Birthdays

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment I decided our first grand-scale birthday party would be our last. It may have been when my four-year-old daughter, standing in front of a mountain of largesse taller than she was, opened her…

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