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Medical Expert Comes Clean

Ahhh, springtime! Warm, fragrant breezes surround us. As we all know, this means we must immediately dive into that ritual called spring-cleaning. Working in healthcare for nearly thirty years, I’ve managed to pick up a strategy or two, or in…

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To All of You, From All of Us

Yes, yes. We know, we know. Here we are again, right on schedule. Time again for our one-size-fits-all, here-we-are, look-at-us, oh-how-wonderful-we’ve-been-this-year, annual holiday letter. We submit it to you on perfect paper stock, and we have chosen just the right…

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Computer Limits and First Steps

Q : Our desktop computer is in a family-access area. Now my 12-year-old has inherited a laptop, which she has started taking to her bedroom. How should we go about setting limits? A While your daughter is reaching an age…

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May 2010 Publisher’s Page

It’s still hard for me to grasp the notion that Mother’s Day applies to me now. Having spent most of my life in the “I’m Never Having Kids Club,” I haven’t decided yet if it’s an advantage or a disadvantage…

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