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Baby Making Today

At twenty-four, Richmonder Haley DeRoche was getting anxious. She had tried for a year to get pregnant with no results. Her doctor tested her and her husband for a variety…

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Causes and Crusaders

  Rick Schoepke couldn’t figure out why he was having trouble seeing out of his left eye. Perplexed by the sudden onset, he decided to make a doctor’s appointment. After…

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Inspire The World!

Nancy Thomas of Richmond will never forget the look on her 3-year-old daughter’s face when she saw the IMAX version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the Science Museum of…

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Are You a Sinus Sufferer?

Millions of people suffer from constant or repeated headaches, facial pain, fatigue, or stuffy noses. The warm, humid climate here in Richmond means that sinusitis, allergies, and other nasal disorders…

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The PACKids Mission

Richmond is fortunate to have great health care providers," says Melissa Nelson, MD, a Richmond pediatrician and mother of four, "but as a pediatrician, I don't have one place I…

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