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Ultimate Fall Planting Guide

Ahhh, the cooler temperatures of autumn! They are met annually with celebration, like a prize earned for enduring a Central Virginia summer. Fall is a great season for evaluation and renovation in the landscape and in the garden because of…

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Secrets of Pollinator Gardening

Creating a garden that attracts pollinators is beneficial for the ecosystem and fun for families. Plus, few things are as rewarding as watching a butterfly light on a flower or a bumblebee lumber from blossom to blossom. Pollinators require specific…

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Considering a Move?

If you’re remodeling your home to get more from its sale, there are things you have to keep in mind. Regardless of what anyone tells you, remodeling will help you sell your home, but the housing market in your area…

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Green Tech at Home

Still reeling from the power bill you got after this winter’s brutal temperatures? No doubt, a lot of Richmond area residents are re-thinking their home’s insulation, at the very least. I know I am. I’ve also learned that a lot…

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Tricycle Gardens

Studies have shown that for its size, Richmond City has more food deserts – areas without consistent access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food – than any other American city. Sally Schwitters, executive director of Tricycle Gardens, says that statistic…

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How to Garden as a Family

Our family’s unexpected love of gardening began last spring when a friend gave me a large pot of flowers. When I brought it home, my 3½-year-old son was enthusiastic, careful, and nurturing. He wanted to know who planted them, how…

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