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Life isn’t fair. Our parents told us that, and we, in turn, tell our children. Resources aren’t distributed evenly; somebody always winds up in need, while others have more than they need. If you’re lucky enough to be in the…

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Family Emergency Preparedness

  It Only Takes One …   Hurricane predictors say that the 2010 season will be very busy. But it only takes one tropical system to cause extensive, expensive damage from surging water, high winds, tornadoes and inland flooding. Every Virginia family…

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Families Who Are Ready Recover Faster

Families who are ready recover faster Although meteorologists can’t predict exactly how tropical systems and hurricanes will affect Virginia this year, there is one prediction that will come true: families who are ready will recover much better and faster than those…

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Helping Kids Deal with Divorce

Local professionals have the following suggestions about how to help your child navigate through the divorce process: 1. Tell them with both parents together – with no hostility or anger. 2. Assure them that they are not responsible. 3. Assure them it’s the…

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Homeschooling Resources – September 2010

Homeschooling resources: Home Educators Association of Virginia ( Rooted in a biblical worldview, but serves all homeschoolers—regardless of religious or philosophical beliefs. VaHomeschoolers ( Neutral in matters of politics and religion, serves parents who wish to promote and protect homeschool freedoms.

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Steps to Design Your Extraordinary Family

Steps to Design Your Extraordinary Family Lynne Kenney, PsyD The Family Coach, author of The Family Coach Method   Extraordinary…boy, isn’t that a nice word? Beyond the ordinary…transcending the mundane....unexpected and astonishing. Is this possible? you ask. Designing your Extraordinary…

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Tell Me More: Websites and Organizations to Aid the Sandwich Generation

Housing (Virginia Long-Term Care Ombudsman) National Association for Home Care & Hospice General Family Caregiver Alliance AT Home Care Lift Caregiving of Richmond National Association of Geriatric Care Managers Social Workers (many specialize in geriatric care)…

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Tell Me More: Aging Parents

Families Use New Quiz for Guidance with Aging Parents (January 2012) – You just returned home from holiday break with the horrifying realization that Mom or Dad needs help.  You kept quiet in front of your parents, not to disrupt the…

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Fare Thee Well, Cassidy

You were just a trembling pup all those years ago, only eight weeks old when we picked you from the litter. We brought you home in a box filled with blankets and put you to bed that first night surrounded…

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