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The Love Of Learning

Think back to the schools of yesteryear, the ones you and your siblings may have attended. Whether public or parochial there was most likely one teacher and one classroom for each grade. Children walked to their neighborhood school and knew…

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Have Faith

There was a stretch a while back when my husband and I had grown so incredibly busy – me with small children mostly, him with trying to grow a small business – that the idea of couple time seemed ludicrous…

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October 2011 Publisher’s Page

October was already one of my favorite months. Now, it has even more significance. It marks RFM’s anniversary – two years! How fitting that one of our features this month is all about mompreneurs, a term I never thought would…

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All Hail Halloween Dad

So here I am again, standing at the end of the walk with the flashlight in my hand. Up at the front door, past the jack o’ lanterns on the stoop, the monsters, superheroes, and fairy princesses crowd around the…

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Have you ever been out with a group of friends for coffee or cocktails and one of them came up with a great idea for a business, a service, or even a product? I have, many times. But did those…

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A Story of Good Will

Ah, December. The month when fall rounds the corner, stubs its toe on a discarded turkey bone, and careens towards winter. The month when autumn’s fiery foliage dims to dull brown husks collecting on our lawns and in our gutters.…

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Time-outs and Tween Moods

Q: I’ve seen a friend try to give time-outs to her 2-yearold. She’s holding the child in a chair and telling him it’s a time-out. I thought the idea was to take attention away. Is he too young? Is this…

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Look Who’s Homeschooling

Each year, as summer wraps up and store shelves fill with backpacks, lunchboxes and colorful new notebooks, American families take on a rite of passage: sending their children off to school. But for more families than ever before, the falling…

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