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Driving Lessons

I can chart my children’s maturation via their changing locations in the family car. First came the backward-facing infant seat, and then the forward-facing infant seat. Time passed and the infant seat was replaced by a child car seat, which…

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ComedySportz Improv

ComedySportz Matinee Show is perfect for birthday parties. It's a great way to entertain one to 100 kids on a Saturday afternoon. The birthday child will be included in one performance game during the show, the performers will sing the…

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Winning Teams!

Everyone knows exercise can help you get fit and lose weight, but there are benefits that go far beyond those physical changes. Families like these three have discovered that the road to a healthy lifestyle can be a bonding experience…

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Yoga for Kids

Stop. Relax. Breathe. For many of us, the stresses of the holidays ramped up at Halloween and haven’t loosened their grip. Too often we focus on all that needs to get done between now and the New Year, instead of…

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