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Q. I just found out that one of my 16-year-old son’s close friends is in rehab – or has started AA or something similar. I don’t have all the details,…

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Have Faith

There was a stretch a while back when my husband and I had grown so incredibly busy – me with small children mostly, him with trying to grow a small…

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Q: Can a 9-year-old have a meltdown? My son seems to have such a short fuse and gets very emotional when he is upset, often yelling and even crying. How…

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Q: I have real concerns about my daughter’s friend. She has slept over a number of times and each time, there are new bruises in different spots.She hasn’t shared anything…

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Whose birthday is it anyway? Get the kids involved in treat prep and suddenly, everyone’s having more fun. When you think about it, isn’t getting ready for the big day…

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Fortunately, it hasn’t been anything serious. Illness in our house has been limited to the standard stuff: viruses, strep throat, croup, strep throat, pinkeye, hand foot and mouth disease –…

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