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About That Will?

When singer, songwriter, and music icon Prince died at age fifty-seven, people were shocked to discover that he apparently had never made a will. To the surprise of many, unless Prince had created a trust or some other estate planning…

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Are We Raising Kind Kids?

When author and parenting expert Michele Borba spoke in Richmond earlier this spring, her message was clear: Parents need to focus on building empathy, resilience, and confidence in children. Borba, a former teacher and mom of three who has her…

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Multichannel Tocodynomometer

  Over the years, a lot of people have asked me how I came up with the strange and wonderful things I’ve said. Colorful, connective images, jokes, and metaphors that usually bring an equal fraction of laughter and furrowed brows.…

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Homeward’s Important Mission

Twice a year, Homeward leads the community in a regional point-in-time (PIT) count. This is a 1-day census of people experiencing homelessness in the Richmond region. The activities for the 2019 winter PIT count are on the evening of Wednesday,…

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Motherland: A Family Reunion

Milestones, like holidays, are a reason for friends and family to gather. This past summer, in honor of my mother’s seventieth birthday, sixteen members of my family traveled to Italy, our Motherland. Renting a Tuscan villa and visiting the city…

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