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5 Egg Favorites

1. Egg Salad Club on Pumpernickel  Peel and chop 6 hard boiled eggs and add ¼ cup mayo. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Toast 8 slices of pumpernickel bread. Top four slices with lettuce, tomato, egg salad, and…

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Recycling in Richmond

Nathalie David can vividly remember helping her mother sort plastic, glass, newspapers, and aluminum cans into bins, then going with her to drop them off at the local fire station for recycling. The practice made her feel good, even as…

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What it Takes

  The teacher all three of my women-children agree is the best they’ve ever had, admits he hated school when he was a kid. “And I was a lousy student!” he adds as a dramatic exclamation point. At first, I’m a…

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Down! Set! Huh?

The reason I watch the Super Bowl (and I’m talking about the actual football game, mind you, and not just the commercials) is because I am a caring and concerned father. Being a caring and concerned father is also the…

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