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Jeepers Peepers

This time of year, many of us are keeping our eyes on our New Year’s resolutions. I can’t help you with that one (sorry!), but I do know a thing…

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by Matthew Field If your teenage daughter asked you if she could read Fifty Shades of Grey, what would you say? That's just what my bright and diligent teenage daughter…

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Teens and Money

Advising a teenager is an art that few have mastered - especially when it comes to money management. During our children's teen years, we basically are trying to keep the…

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College Prep 101

One hundred one things to ponder - and get done! As college approaches, parents are overwhelmed with a plethora of to-dos, as well as jaw-dropping costs. What's the best way…

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Afraid not, just the sound of kids jumping off the bed in the room above me, reveling in the freedom that is summer break. It is the eleventh hour, not…

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Save Your Skin!

More than a million cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed in the United States this year, according to a report out of Cleveland Clinic. About 80 percent of these…

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Chef Christine’s tips for a successful family dinner – no matter where you have it! 1. Give everyone a task in getting the table ready for the meal, so mom…

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