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Lawn Girls

The little girl on my front porch steps stood about a hair bow taller than the wrought iron rail. She circled both hands around her mouth, forming the smallest of…

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Families Use New Quiz for Guidance with Aging Parents (January 2012) – You just returned home from holiday break with the horrifying realization that Mom or Dad needs help.  You kept…

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Oh, Boys!

Ever wonder what makes boys and girls so different? Beyond the obvious, of course. Just what makes boys tick? Jen, a local mom of three young children wonders, “How do…

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To All of You, From All of Us

Yes, yes. We know, we know. Here we are again, right on schedule. Time again for our one-size-fits-all, here-we-are, look-at-us, oh-how-wonderful-we’ve-been-this-year, annual holiday letter. We submit it to you on…

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Mother Time

Grandma had been in the house for less than twenty-four hours. I had just finished explaining to a grumpy Robin that while ordinarily she and her sisters were pretty high on…

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Her favorite day of the year is April 13. It’s not her birthday. It’s not the first day of spring. It’s the day Allison Gillman saw her cousin in a…

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