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Every parent of all girls or all boys has all kinds of ideas about why that particular arrangement is preferable to another. That’s just what we do. As the mother of three daughters, or a girl-maker as I have referred…

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Parental Guidance – Baby Talk

Q: Help! My three-month-old baby cries all the time and doesn't sleep more than three hours at a time. I wasn't planning on returning to work until after she was older but I'm considering it now because I'm so exhausted and…

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What Teachers Want Us To Know…

With experience ranging from zilch to more than three decades, four Virginia teachers share some of their innermost thoughts and best advice on how to work with your child's teacher for a successful year in school. First, there's Bonnie. She…

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Volunteer America!

Life isn’t fair. Our parents told us that, and we, in turn, tell our children. Resources aren’t distributed evenly; somebody always winds up in need, while others have more than they need. If you’re lucky enough to be in the…

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Parent-Powered Nonprofits

It’s something no parent should have to face.The death of a young child brings unprecedented grief on the heels of unprecedented joy.But some parents find relief in philanthropy, using the lessons learned for a positive purpose.Meet three families who turned…

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