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Fit by Association

My husband once accused me of lying in bed and dreaming up ways to injure our children. “How about a zip line?” I suggested to Scott one morning over coffee. That very afternoon our medium-sized daughter bounded off the bus…

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Recycling in Richmond

Nathalie David can vividly remember helping her mother sort plastic, glass, newspapers, and aluminum cans into bins, then going with her to drop them off at the local fire station for recycling. The practice made her feel good, even as…

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Ready, Set … Let Go!

There were twice as many parents as teenagers in the room, light streaming through a Palladian window at one end. We were huddled with our kids, coaching them to the last minute on what questions to ask the alumni liaison…

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Parents First

A few years back, we were so completely consumed with life – attending back-to-school nights, planning Halloween costumes, working on a parenting magazine, managing a myriad of important fall commitments – that we just forgot about our wedding anniversary. It…

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Just You Wait

Sleeping through the night at eight weeks. Nursing like a champ every four hours. Potty training at two. “This one’s reading all the baby books,” the pediatrician joked. He meant the baby, not me. My mother maintains God gave my husband…

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What it Takes

  The teacher all three of my women-children agree is the best they’ve ever had, admits he hated school when he was a kid. “And I was a lousy student!” he adds as a dramatic exclamation point. At first, I’m a…

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Dining Out With Kids?

Going out to eat with my family always seems like a great idea – at first. For a second or two, I forget that my husband and I are the parents of two children under the age of four. But…

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Dad for All Seasons

  “He’s here! He’s here! Paula’s date is here!” Our voices rang out like a trumpet fanfare. My father had already pushed the furniture to the walls, clearing a path through our living room to the front entrance hall. The…

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